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Video on Demand Payments

The business model

Offering access to exclusive individual videos that are either downloadable or streamed directly to consumers' computers, video on demand enables you to make your own video or clip store. This business model may also incorporate an order fulfillment system that includes tokens or credits of some kind for consumer content purchases.

The CCBill solution

Incorporating the toolsets common to any CCBill payment processing solution, video on demand utilizes some features in unique ways that make it ideally suited to this market segment and help you capture revenues.

  • Token packages and bundles – multiple pricing options and dynamic pricing features enable you to process package transactions, such as bundle or token purchases, and tie them into your back-end tracking system.
  • Post-back and DataLink options – complementing package and bundle pricing, CCBill can post-back most any transaction data from your consumers to your system. This can be used to grant consumer access, activate minutes, provide downloads, or set up another way to provide access to your video content.
  • Physical products and digital goods – CCBill can process for most tangible, hard goods right alongside the same robust processing platform for digital items. One processor for all your products and services, including DVD versions of any digital content.

In addition to the above, another aspect of CCBill's solution that lends itself well to video on demand business models is the user management set of features. Should you want to, you can offer access to video content through separate protected areas. You can then set usernames and passwords to be active for a limited time, and they will be automatically removed when access expires.