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Subscription Payment Processing

The business model

Primarily focused on digital or soft goods, the subscriptions and memberships business model is well suited to media and other types of content-rich websites. A consumer pays for access to the content, and generally has an option to either pay one time, or set up recurring payments. This business model also may employ a tour area, transaction form for purchases, and a password protected members' area.

The CCBill solution

Put simply, CCBill has more than a decade of experience specializing in subscription billing with the features and expertise to show it. If you have a subscription-based service or product you're selling, CCBill has the features to optimize its sale.

  • Automated billing – choose your prices, set your subscription durations. CCBill securely stores your consumers' information and automatically rebills them on a schedule you determine.
  • Flexible pricing – you can add, update, and delete prices on the fly as appropriate for your business. Trial and full membership pricing options can also easily be set up as needed.
  • Variable initial recurring and rebill periods – you can set a higher or lower price up-front for a customized amount of time before the first rebill.
  • Automated rebill reactivation – consumers are notified automatically if an issue arises with their payment and once a new method is entered by them, the system uses it for the next rebill.

These are just a handful of options CCBill provides in its subscription billing solution. Taking recurring payments is the backbone of CCBill, and all of that experience optimizing transactions for maximum throughput directly benefits your business.