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CCBill for Nonprofit

The business model

Featuring discounted rates 501 (C)(3) status and providing access to millions of potential donors, the CCBill for Nonprofit Business model presents an opportunity to increase your fundraising while lowering your costs.

As a leading worldwide payment processor, our technology driven system enables you to accept credit card, debit card, and U.S. checking account payment through our secure payment pages..... that can be branded as your own. You can even have automated recurring payments for pledge drives, automated donation notification, and automated custom receipt delivery. All at simple pricing for nonprofits of 3.9% + $0.55 per transaction.

The CCBill solution

Our all-inclusive e-commerce service can help you:

  • Affordably increase donations through low rates that let you keep more of the contributions
  • Retain donors for renewals with automated reminder option
  • Expand your global reach with multiple payment and multiple currency option.
  • Offer a secure donation option that millions already use and trust.