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Live Entertainment Billing

The business model

Offering live entertainment to consumers through the use of webcams and related technologies is the general process for this business model. Often, some content is provided free of charge, with options for consumers to buy additional access time.

The CCBill solution

CCBill payment processing allows you to make the most of online live entertainment business concepts by configuring consumer access as appropriate to meet your needs and generate the most revenue possible. Some key CCBill features include:

  • Multi-sign – multiple transactions from individual consumers can be processed and accepted within a short period of time, enabling them to receive additional access to content.
  • One click upgrades – an excellent option for the live entertainment business model, CCBill One-click Upgrades let you offer a simple way for consumers to purchase additional content without having to repeatedly enter in their billing information.

Of course, these are just some of the value-add features of CCBill payment processing that can be used in conjunction with a live entertainment business model. In fact, anything from regional pricing to customized forms can be integrated, and with multiple payment types accepted and detailed reporting available, CCBill payment processing helps you drive results.