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Removing the Hassle
from High Risk

High-risk payment processing can present a number of challenges to a business. Fraud and risk mitigation, consumer satisfaction, and banking and credit card association regulations are just some of the things to consider. Merchant banks, as well as card brand associations like Visa and MasterCard not only categorize certain kinds of content as high-risk, but also group a number of business models into the mix.

Some of these high-risk business models include adult online entertainment, live entertainment and cam sites, penny auction sites, as well as complex business selling. And now even dating sites fall into th high-risk category with MasterCard.

See complete lists of MCCs considered high-risk categories for Visa and MasterCard here,

Moreover, high-risk sites generally include digitally delivered items, certain types of subscription entertainment, and have complex business models. All of which have regulatory challenges and legal factors to consider, along with potential to create problems and chargebacks for consumers.

Additionally, the consumer experience becomes extremely important in ensuring privacy for the consumers and instant satisfaction when they need help. Unintentional fraud, what we call friendly fraud, in which a cardholder disputes an unrecognized, but legitimate transaction, requires another level of service expertise to help mitigate.

The CCBill Solution

For a decade and a half, CCBill has managed and expanded a solid platform for high-risk processing which layers regulatory support, risk mitigation and fraud management, compliance support for content and legal issues, as well as expert consumer support to enhance consumer satisfaction.

The result has been that CCBill is the recognized industry leader in global high-risk processing with a complete package of complex support resources, all designed to help our merchants easily navigate the challenges in high-risk content and website management. We don't succeed unless our merchants do, and that mentality is applied to every bit of the partnership we have with merchants.

And to add to the value, our focus on protecting that business guards the consumer and buyer from scams - which has made CCBill the number-one recognized and trusted name for consumers in the high-risk market. When presented a choice, consumers trust and click CCBill first.

When you partner with CCBill, high-risk becomes managed risk.

CCBill High-Risk payment processing includes:

  • Complete e-commerce tools
  • Advanced subscription and one-click tools
  • Flexible website compliance support
  • Active risk mitigation
  • Malicious and friendly fraud protection
  • Proactive regulatory management
  • 24/7 instant billing and password support for buyers
  • Consumer trust and privacy
  • Complete affiliate system with millions of affiliates

If you are not sure whether your site falls under the high-risk processing category, contact us for
a free review of your site.