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Direct Download Billing

The business model

Delivering downloadable products via either a protected member area or through member support, the direct download business model is commonly used by many music or software websites. Generally featuring a public area where products can be tried or sampled, a payment form, and a method for delivering the product, direct download sites usually need to be updated in real time immediately following a consumer purchase.

The CCBill solution

CCBill payment processing is fully capable of supporting direct download sales through its extensive toolset designed to help you maximize transaction throughput and revenues.

  • Real-time reporting – with many direct download sales occurring in minutes, it is important to have the data and information you need to help properly manage rapid sales cycles. CCBill's real-time reporting features a wide array of metrics and tracking analytics to meet the needs.
  • End-user support – again, the rapid sales cycle associated with direct download sales necessitates responsive and available consumer support. CCBill includes 24/7/365 consumer support with its payment processing solutions, so you can focus on selling, and not staffing and operating a support center.