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CCBill for Dating

The business model

The CCBill Dating business model includes dynamic pricing and shopping features, all while incorporating high-risk management when needed (please see note below). By providing members the ability to increase their subscriptions with one-click upsells, you are not only making their experience on your dating website more positive, but also increasing your bottom-line seamlessly.

As a leading worldwide payment processor, our technology-driven system enables you to accept credit card, debit card, and U.S. checking account payments through our secure payment pages … that can be branded as your own. You can even have automated recurring payments, automated notifications, and automated custom receipt delivery. All at rates of 5.9% + $0.55 per transaction.

The CCBill solution

Our all-inclusive e-commerce service can help you:

  • Incorporate automated subscriptions.
  • Offer members free and paid trials.
  • Provide members the ability to increase their subscriptions with one-click upsells.
  • Ease your members’ experience with 24/7 billing support.
  • Be compliant with MasterCard High-Risk guidelines.
  • Expand your global reach with multiple payment and currency options.
  • Offer a secure payment processing option that millions already use and trust.