JuicyAds Case Study

CCBill Success Stories: JuicyAds

The Ad Network JuicyAds Relies on CCBill’s Automation and Flexibility.

As a highly successful marketplace for publishers aiming to increase their revenues by selling ad space, JuicyAds specializes in banner ads, pop-unders, and mobile traffic. The company also caters to advertisers interested in buying traffic and helps them find the right opportunities to expand their reach. Launched publicly in 2006, the advertising network has been selling mainstream and adult-related advertising space since 2002.

Proudly serving both mainstream and adult websites, the goal of JuicyAds is to provide income for both advertisers and publishers without disrupting the end users’ surfing experience. With a deep understanding of general browsing habits, the company focuses on capturing online users’ attention with proper ad formats and advertising best practices, rather than simply displaying offers to increase unqualified traffic for their clients.

In addition to this strategic approach to online advertising, JuicyAds also focuses on data security and transparency. The company protects its clients by incorporating some of the strongest click fraud detection measures in the industry.


With internet fraud and security breaches being on a constant rise, operating a robust and highly successful online ad network has a significant share of challenges. This is particularly the case with ad networks for adult traffic, where extra attention is required to combat incidences of fraudulent transactions or potential spambots sending bad traffic.

These general types of ad network challenges aside, JuicyAds also was experiencing difficulties with its prior payment processing solution. The inflexible approach of its former e-commerce partner to establishing policies or addressing challenges forced JuicyAds into considering other available options. The ad network was looking for a payment processor with better capabilities to handle transactions that had higher dollar amounts.


JuicyAds no longer expends its energy dealing with payment processing issues and instead relies on the responsive help and expertise of CCBill Support. Additionally, CCBill’s comprehensive e-commerce service has helped JuicyAds maintain a rapid growth rate while also keeping operations running smoothly.

Case in point, the ad network provider worked with CCBill to customize the entire purchase flow, starting with the payment form all the way down to the support experience. This has enabled JuicyAds to securely and efficiently process higher dollar transactions with large scale advertisers using CCBill’s WebVerify feature.

By providing this immediate approval for known advertisers, JuicyAds can continue to capture those transactions quickly and focus on its own business, rather than spend time worrying about payment processing.


Since it started using CCBill, JuicyAds has been able to allocate more time to developing feature sets and tools for its advertisers, and keep the ‘juicy’ in JuicyAds. This has translated into the company winning several awards, as well as achieving success levels that required the addition of staff. The company continues to deliver excellence and lead the industry with exciting innovations.

By using the features of CCBill’s payment services platform, relying on CCBill’s expertise, and leveraging industry-leading fraud scrubbing systems, JuicyAds is able to maximize throughput of good transactions within its ad network.

Looking Ahead

JuicyAds continues to leverage CCBill payment processing to grow its business in new and exciting ways. As it moves forward with plans to utilize additional payment processing features and tools, the company is examining the use of one-click technology to further streamline the overall purchase process.

“By going above and beyond what was expected to do our integration quickly and painlessly, CCBill became our primary card processor. They provided a competitive rate and took care of any problems that arose. Working with CCBill is like working with a reliable person who actually cares. You have no idea how important that is until you don’t have it.”

-Jay, Founder, JuicyAds.com

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