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CCBill Success Stories: Clips On Demand

To Capitalize on the Latest Technologies and Consumer Viewing Trends, Clips On Demand Needed to Find a Payments System Capable of Addressing Viewer and Producer Needs

Created to allow anyone with a video recording device to make one-of-a-kind amateur video clips, Clips On Demand enables content to be uploaded and shared with millions of viewers via Clips On Demand TV.

The online provider of fetish media is committed to finding and hosting the best clips from across the globe from top producers, and cataloging content for easier consumer/viewer reference. These clips are then able to be streamed to devices the same way other digital media such as TV shows or on-demand movies are delivered. By incorporating the popular Roku streaming media device into its delivery system mix, Clips On Demand is able to offer its private channel within one of the fastest growing content platforms. Roku has sold more than 8 million devices in the United States and has almost 25 percent of the streaming market.


As viewing habits of consumers continue to evolve to include newer technologies, there is opportunity to widen content distribution strategies. Following its examination of market trends and consumer metrics, Clips On Demand realized more and more people were wanting and willing to view content through the latest media devices. One avenue that particularly seemed to have potential was Roku, so Clips On Demand created a private Roku channel.

However, the new channel and distribution mechanism addressed only some of Clips On Demand’s business requirements. The online provider of fetish media also needed to integrate a payments system that consumers trusted into its new private channel, and attract additional content producers. Expanding its affiliate program was also a key factor in achieving the business goals.


As research and development for its new Roku channel began, it became apparent to Clips On Demand’s engineering team that some heavy lifting would be needed to get a payments system included. Knowing this, the online media provider turned to a familar face.

Having previously worked with CCBill on its first clips site account, Clips On Demand was comfortable with and confident in CCBill’s ability to meet the needs of both consumers and producers. Furthermore, the technical staff of Clips On Demand had already seen firsthand the degree to which CCBill Support could assist with integrations. The online provider of fetish media knew that by going with CCBill, it would be able to leverage and partner with skilled individuals to incorporate a trusted payments system into its new media delivery platform.


Following a smooth technical integration process to include CCBill in its private Roku channel, Clips On Demand has seen widespread market acceptance and consumer adoption. The popularity of the channel has been enhanced through Clips On Demand’s own marketing efforts, and the use of a reliable and stable payments system favored and trusted by consumers worldwide. Search engine ranking has increased by more than 1 million.

Additionally, producers and viewers have demonstrated a willingness to participate and buy, thanks in part to the trust they have in CCBill. Clips On Demand continues to add to its more than 100 high-quality clips as top producers request to be part of the Roku channel.

Looking Ahead

Clips On Demand continues to refine its strategies as its Roku model keeps driving results. A new aspect is presenting affiliates to consumers during signup, which potentially can lead to those affiliate partners earning up to 50 percent of the associated sales based on the volume of subscriptions that come through them.

“When we began research and development for our Roku channel we knew it would be a heavy lift integrating Roku to a third party payment processor. But the Clips On Demand Team of engineers had already seen the solid work performance of CCBill during the amalgamation of our first account with our clips site. We felt pretty confident being able to assemble some of the most talented and affable people to harness the power of this growing technology and market.”

-Alfonso Reyes, Clips On Demand