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CCBill Success Stories: ATKingdom

Saving Time and Resources While Driving
Results. ATKingdom Does it Using FlexStats.

One of the original mega-site operators, ATKingdom and ATKCash have been in business since 1996. The company has expanded over the years to become the leading provider of niche content websites, today operating dozens of different online properties.

With a strong and established membership base, ATKingdom leverages well thought-out promotional campaign methodologies to keep visitors interested and purchasing content. The company has successfully employed its promotional strategies for more than a decade, and in the process has become an industry leader.


Keeping a highly successful operation running smoothly requires access to actionable data, and the ability to use the data to make strategy adjustments or help formulate future plans.

As a CCBill merchant since 2000, ATKingdom is well versed in leveraging the e-commerce and payment processing features available to it. However, analyzing detailed information and results of various promotional campaigns was taking a considerable amount of time and high degrees of manual effort.

Pulling CCBill numbers out of the system to put them into a graph, spreadsheet, or chart involved hours of work. This impacted future planning; since each instance ATKingdom wanted to create a promotion or send out an offer for one of its sites, time to perform the analysis had to be taken into account. Additionally, the online provider of niche content websites wanted to quickly see which past promotions or offers were successful so it could strategize accordingly.


CCBill’s FlexStats helps ATKingdom manage the multiple promotional campaigns it may be concurrently running across its sites. By providing access to metrics and data sets through an intuitive user interface and its inherent graphing functions, FlexStats shows the online provider of niche content websites what is working.

Furthermore, FlexStats enables ATKingdom to identify trends and patterns without the need to spend hours of valuable resource time to manually create charts and graphs. This at-a-glance aspect of FlexStats translates into additional time the company can devote to strategy and campaign development.


Since it has been using FlexStats, ATKingdom has been able to allocate more time to the actual analysis of data, rather than the gathering of it. For instance, when the last three years of sales and rebills were examined, the company saw what changes made to its websites worked and which had an impact on the bottom line. Additionally, when it looked at an entire run of campaigns from the previous year, ATKingdom identified which mailers were the most effective. Ultimately, this knowledge has lead to an increase in revenue across the board for the online provider of niche content websites.

Another benefit FlexStats has provided is the ability to rapidly compare campaigns against one another and perform some A|B testing within set parameters. If one has notably performed better, ATKingdom can make adjustments to strategies accordingly to maximize effectiveness.

Looking Ahead

ATKingdom continues to leverage the FlexStats reporting system to maintain the overall effectiveness of its promotional campaigns and gain operational efficiencies. As it moves forward with plans to utilize additional payment processing features and tools, the company is examining both CCBill’s Merchant Connect portal and FlexForms system.

“I feel this reporting system is a must for other businesses. Not only does it show you the sales but it also provides you with your rebills in the graph as well. It is a great feeling to get all of the information you need but then still have enough time in your day to use that information to help the company grow.”

-Melissa Campos, Business Development Manager, ATKingdom